The Culture-Centric Approach to Data Governance
  Mary Levins   Mary Levins
Data Governance Principal
Sierra Creek Consulting LLC
  Cassie Elder   Cassie Elder
Co-founder, Principal, Data Strategist, Data Scientist
DataCraft Partners


Tuesday, April 24, 2018
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Many business and technology conferences highlight “culture” as a (or THE) critical factor to success. This is particularly true for data governance-focused sessions. Thought leaders advise “Data governance isn’t one-size-fits-all.” and “It’s all about culture.” Then they leave us hanging with questions: “What is culture?”; “Why is culture important to successful data governance programs?”; “How do we address culture when building or improving data governance programs?”

Through years of experience, we’ve learned that data governance is about people, behavior, and results and that an empathetic, people-focused approach was common among our best successes. Over time, we developed a culture-centric approach to data governance that weaves cultural components into standard phases of a data governance program.

We will share key components to help you identify your core culture and provide a specific culture-centric approach for each core culture to use for a successful data governance program. Topics will include: 

  • What does “culture” mean and why is it important
  • How to identify the core culture of your company 
  • How to design and execute a new data governance program specific to your company’s culture
  • How to take a culture-centric approach in each phase of discovery, operationalizing, and sustaining data governance 
  • Examples of specific culture strengths and pitfalls to avoid for a successful data governance program

Industrial Engineer, Data Governance Leader, Futurist - Mary Levins is a known expert in Enterprise Data Management and Data Governance, where she is known for bringing value and visionary inspiration to organizations. She has been applying Industrial Engineering principles to data strategy solutions and optimizing complex data processes for more than 20 years. Mary is the founding principle of Sierra Creek Consulting, a small firm delivering Data Governance, Data Knowledge Management, and Enterprise Data Management solutions that bring value through governed data (big data, small data, structured, and unstructured).

Economist, Data Nerd, Walking Contradiction - For over 20 years, Cassie has applied her thirst for knowledge, addiction to “a-ha” moments, and dedication to exceeding expectations to her work in leading Business and IT organizations to design, implement, and adopt intentional, collaborative data strategies and platforms to become data-powered.

She is an economist by training and practice, and as the term “Data Science” was exploding in popularity among the general public, Cassie had been applying the fundamental components of Data Science for years to her work in developing applied economic solutions for her clients to optimize profits, efficiencies, and the customer experience.

Cassie is a Co-founder and Principal of DataCraft Partners, an Atlanta-based, woman-owned data-specialty firm that delivers Data Strategy, Data Science, and Data Security solutions that power growth, innovation, and evolution.