The Class on Data Leadership
  Anthony Algmin   Anthony J Algmin
Chief Data Officer
Uturn Data Solutions


Monday, April 23, 2018
01:30 PM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

Data people often feel like they are on the outside looking in. It seems like our businesses can’t get out of their own way, and if they would just listen to us, we could help them right the ship. This breakdown in communications is the result of decades of poor organizational design and countless inefficient interactions between business and technology folks, with whom data people are inevitably linked. But now that our data technologies have become unbelievably powerful, the need to change has become even more pronounced. The answer lies in data leadership. We must teach our data folks to become better leaders and our leaders to better understand data —and we must teach everybody how to get the most value from data. This class is a step in that unifying direction. As a complement to the upcoming "Book on Data Leadership" (working title), this is a unique opportunity to spend the day with Anthony J. Algmin learning the foundational concepts of data leadership. If your business is struggling to fully capitalize on data, or if you have ambitions to elevate your career to the senior-level, this is the class for you! Highlights include: 

  • See the language of leadership in action.
  • Hear from a former CDO about what executives care about most.
  • Learn the data value methodology model to maximize real data value outcomes.
  • Get stories from the trenches of data leadership in action. 
  • Supercharge the impact you have on your business.
  • Gain new insights about where you can take your career.

Anthony J. Algmin helps organizations use data to achieve real business outcomes. He is Chief Data Officer and Senior Partner at Uturn Data Solutions, a Chicago-based consultancy at the nexus of data and cloud technologies. Anthony brings decades of experience leading data-driven transformations for organizations large and small, in both commercial and public-sector industries.

Anthony is the creator of the Data Leadership Framework, a pragmatic approach to balancing the many data-related activities inside organizations. He spends much of his time coaching client executives and their teams on Data Leadership. Anthony also developed Uturn’s Data Value Methodology, which is a packaged set of Data Leadership consulting offerings that help businesses get more from their data quickly.

An accomplished public speaker and writer, Anthony gives talks internationally at conferences and corporate events. His upcoming title, “The Book on Data Leadership,” will be available in late 2018.