MDM Technology: A 360-Degree View
  Frank Cerwin   Frank Cerwin
Managing Principal
Data Mastery Inc.


Monday, April 23, 2018
08:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Technology is a key enabler of a master data management (MDM) program. MDM processes discover, acquire, integrate, transform, protect, preserve, and move master data. To support these processes, technology tools must include a wide range of features and functions. Selecting the right tools for your MDM program requires an understanding of the capabilities that should be addressed when evaluating options. This level of understanding is required whether you’re considering a build-your-own solution or purchasing vendor-provided tools. In this tutorial, we’ll deep-dive into technology-related requirements and capabilities for a holistic 360-degree approach to managing master data. Covered topics include: 

  • Multi-domain support 
  • Record matching and linking
  • MDM architecture styles
  • Data quality verification and reconciling 
  • Master data governance technology 
  • Master data metadata management technology
  • Master data industry exchanges
  • User interfaces
  • Globalization

Frank Cerwin is the managing principal of Data Mastery Inc., a firm focused on providing data strategy, planning, design, and education services to clients. Frank has over 40 years of leadership and architecture experience at industry-leading Fortune 500 companies. His technology experience spans MDM, data integration, customer analytics, database management, application development, and security. Frank’s broad industry experience in multinational organizations include financial services, quick-service restaurants, and pharmaceuticals, as well as manufacturing and local government. Frank is also the producer and presenter of the online course “Mastering a Master Data Management Program” offered through the DATAVERSITY Training Center. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt and ITIL certified and has been a featured speaker at several national data conferences and regional data professional associations.